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Level Up Lab - Grow & Scale Your Business

The business of your dreams is closer than you think. Level up your business and your confidence as the CEO of your business and your life with the Level Up Lab. By making this investment in yourself you're getting access to my playbook that I have been developing for a decade that's going to save you SO MUCH TIME and help you get out of the weeks with an actionable plan.

One-time payment of $397



MINI WORKSHOP* Woman with a NEW Plan Workshop on May 29th

Get your hands on this life-changing experience to take control of your life and become a woman with a NEW plan on Thursday, May 28th at 7pm MT. In this workshop, you’ll gain the step-by-step process on how to: Harness the power of reflection Creatively design your life Focus on what you can control Set clear plans and intentions Discover your desires and truths Recommit to new plans

$17.00 CAD


Tools & Workbooks

Level Up Lab - Resource Package!

This is my business playbook and all of the tools you could possibly need to take action on your business. The framework for you is here, you ready to get to work?  

$97.00 CAD


RISE Archives: Your Binge-Worthy Video Library! 🔥

Get in on instant access to our 20+ video collection from our RISE Women's Conference Archives. These keynotes feature some of our FAVE talks at RISE Vancouver back in October like Mark Groves, Danielle Laporte, Selina Gray, and Terri Cole on the topics of relationships, boundaries, connection to self, body-shame and money! These mentors are complete game-changers and will fire you up to take action in your own life.  

$17.00 CAD


Get into the Feels with the RISE Digital Summit Replay

An UNREAL digital summit experience equipping you with the playbook to navigate tough times featuring talks and tools from 10+ powerhouse women.  It's never too late to RISE up, warrior. Get your hands on this life-changing experience that will inspire the rise within and call on your resilience to overcome tough times.  

$27.00 CAD


Level Up Lab - F*ck Yes Playbook

Are you nerding out over this playbook? We get it. Strategy is sexy and you'll be rocking yours with this business plan that will help you get to know your business inside and out.  This is the business roadmap you need to scale your business with ease. With this framework, we save you time so that you can focus in on what you do really well!

$57.00 CAD